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NTS MagSorb - Transdermal Magnesium Oil, 250ml

Introducing MagSorb - a breakthrough technology to deliver much needed magnesium (mg) up to 12 times faster than oral supplementation. MagSorb is the highest quality, best priced transdermal magnesium oil on the market. More details...
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NTS MagSorb - Transdermal Magnesium Oil, 250ml
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Product Details
70-80% of us are deficient in magnesium and yet this shortage is largely ignored by mainstream medicine. Magnesium is profoundly linked to heart health, mental health and protection from degenerative disease. This critically important mineral is directly linked to over 350 different enzymes and indirectly linked to thousands of others. Enzyme reactions govern every bodily process and every enzyme is fueled by adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Magnesium activates ATP, the powerhouse of all living creatures. So, if we assume that a great many of us are lacking this essential mineral, how do we replenish our reserves as rapidly as possible? Popping magnesium pills has been the most popular strategy but there are several problems with this approach. A variety of factors compromise the uptake of Mg during oral supplementation including phytic acid (a natural acid found in all cereal grains), prescription drugs and malabsorption. In addition to this, people with low magnesium (most of us) have reduced capacity to absorb magnesium. Now there is an exciting new, high-performace alternative to oral magnesium. MagSorb is a liquid concentration of magnesium chloride, concentrated from ancient sea bed deposits. It has a naturally oily texture and is commonly called magnesium oil (although it is not technically an oil). The skin has massive unrecognised absorption potential.

Transdermal magnesium (Mg) involves direct uptake through the skin. Researchers have found that it takes 6 months to correct low cellular Mg using oral supplementation. By contrast, you can recharge your magnesium levels in just 4 weeks with MagSorb! MagSorb is the highest quality source of transdermal magnesium oil in the world. It is sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe. This pristine, 250 million year old reserve is extracted from 2000 meters deep in the earth and is of a very high natural energetic state.