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Soapnuts - 1kg

SKU: SN1000
Our Soapnuts (Sapinudus mukorossi) shells have not been treated at all - so no pesticide residues to worry about - nor have they been irradiated or heat treated. They are the natural dried berry from wild cultivation.

Includes a cotton bag to hold the soapnuts in the washing machine/dishwasher/bucket.
Source: Himalayan Foothills.

What a versatile gift from planet earth!

Soapnuts are high in natural saponins. This makes them a great substitute for processed soaps and detergents and similar products. They can be used to make a liquid soap. This can be used for cleaning, hand and body washing, clothes or utensil washing, house cleaning and even bathing the dog.

Ground up (powdered) soapnuts will be available soon.
Sizes: 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg.
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Soapnuts - 1kg
Soapnuts - 1kg
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